"One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art"  - Oscar Wilde

Ravel & UnRavel is a small-scale handmade accessories brand from Tacoma, WA. Business owner, designer, and hand-maker, Mia, chooses every aspect of each design personally. When possible all of Ravel & Unravel's materials are USA-made and locally sourced. Ravel & UnRavel was founded in 2013 as Blackwood Fiber Company with the intention of creating vibrant and unique pieces of wearable art made by a real person with real materials. Mia’s manufacturing techniques are self-taught—a single piece of knitwear is crafted on manually operated, vintage knitting machines and then seams are hand-sewn together to create the finished product. Patterns are a mixture of vintage and the individual creations of Mia herself, and unique details like pom-poms and color-combinations are hand-crafted and individually selected for each piece.

Blackwood Fiber’s designs have expanded significantly to include not only the Essential Beanie and one-of-a-kind Signature Pom-Pom Beanie but also a fun and functional line of knit cowls, infinity scarves, gloves and headbands. In life you should “do what you like, and wear what you like” and that belief has grown Blackwood Fiber Co from its original concept to the expanded and refined current label: Ravel & UnRavel. The heart of both Blackwood Fiber and Ravel & UnRavel is, and has always been, to incorporate color and beauty into everyday looks by showcasing vibrant and expressive styles in functional, wearable pieces.